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Porcelain wood tile is specially made to have the appearance and texture of real wood floors. The recent advancements in flooring allow these tiles to have a truly authentic wood floor look and feel. Porcelain wood tiles perform just like regular tiles and can be installed in almost all areas of the house. The tile is moisture resistant and can therefore be placed in many areas where wood is not a good option.

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What Makes Wood Look Tile So Special?

Wood look tile is crafted from ceramic (or porcelain) powder. It is moistened, then shaped into the desired size and look, then solidified. The difference between a porcelain and ceramic tile is the density; porcelain is made with a powdery substance, making it denser. It’s this density that makes porcelain the ideal choice for outdoor tiling.

This advantage is also a weakness in a way, because porcelain is much more expensive than ceramic.  But since wood look tile options are available in both materials, you get to decide what will work best for your home based on the floor traffic in the rooms or outdoor spaces and your budget.

The natural look is created by using ink printers to paint the grain pattern onto the tile. With the right manufacturer, the detail on these wooden tiles can be truly astounding. Once the grain is painted, the tiles are given a clear coat of varnish and cooked in an oven to completely solidify them.

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What are The Benefits Of Wood Look Flooring?

Wood look tiling is actually even more durable than true hardwood! It’s resistant to stains and scratches, and it doesn’t absorb moisture because it isn’t porous. The only threat to these tiles is a sharp impact, something with enough weight to fracture the tile. The chances of this happening are very low, but everyone’s home is different. As long as you aren’t planning on weight training over these tiles, they should be fine.

Also, unlike traditional wood flooring, the base of the wood look tiles are identical, no matter the style you choose. This gives you freedom to choose styles without having to choose a more or less durable one based on your needs. The baked varnish applied to the tiled during production adds an additional layer of protection. This liquid glass finish is applied before the baking and makes these tiles even more durable.

This added layer of protection makes these tiles longer lasting than any natural alternative. In addition, you can select the level of sheen on your tiles, meaning you can mix and match tiles based on the lighting in your home.

As we have said, these tiles have plenty of customization available. Since manufacturers are painting the type of wood onto a tile, they can create almost any species, style and color imaginable. This makes wood look tiles one of our favorite floors to recommend to creative homeowners. With options like this, there is no end to the customization, with very little cost variation between looks.

The Cost Effective Way to Customize

Your Wood Look Tile Specialists on Hilton Head, South Carolina

Wood look tile is a little more challenging to install and not an easy do-it-yourself installation. This is one reason why it’s important to choose a wood tile installer in the Hilton Head area that has the experience you need to have a perfect floor.

How Is Wood Tile Installed?

The hardest part in the wood look journey is installation. To correctly align and secure these tiles is not an easy feat. First and foremost, the subfloor must be level and even. Even a slightly uneven subfloor can lead to a drastically uneven final product.

Next, the crew must know the tile layout before the project is even started. The goal of this project is to imitate the natural product, and that takes a careful attention to detail. Based of the way these tiles are designed, each row has to be spaced appropriately to avoid any unwanted lippage.

And last, but not least, is grout. This is the most time consuming process, it might take several days and is almost impossible to perform unless you are familiar with the proper process.

Where To Use Wood Look Tile?

Wood look tile initially became popular as a way to achieve the hardwood aesthetic and feel in high moisture areas like bathrooms, where wood usually is avoided due to potential issues of water damage, cupping and warping, and high wear.

However, many owners are taking advantage of this tile’s stylish durability and are using it as the primary flooring material around the house. Changing to wood look tile is perfect when you are planning a renovation or re-doing your floors.

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