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When Is The Right Time For New Floors?

New flooring is a significant investment, and it makes sense to ensure that the time is right before taking the plunge. So, when does it make sense to buy a new floor? Here are some signs that homeowners can use to determine whether flooring has reached the end of its life.

1. Cracked or Broken Tiles

If only a few floor tiles are broken, it may be possible to replace just the damaged portions of the floor. But if the damage is widespread or the particular tiles are no longer produced, new flooring could be on the horizon. This is especially important with tile since large cracks can be dangerous to walk on.

2. Creaking Sounds

While this is most common in hardwood, tile floor that’s past its prime can also create creaks when family members walk from room to room. With hardwood, the culprit is likely expansion or contraction of the boards caused by moisture and other climate issues, while creaking in tile indicates that the glue that holds the material in place is coming loose. Either way, this indicates that the need for new flooring is near.

3. Matted Carpet

Matting affects polyester carpet in heavy traffic areas and is impossible to salvage once it occurs. Those who plan to stick with carpet for their new flooring should consider nylon versions, which are more durable and tend to last longer. Frequent shampoos can also extend the life of a carpet.

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4. Stained Carpet

While many new carpets are stain-resistant, older carpeting without this technology is highly susceptible to staining. Those who have tough stains that have not faded with shampoos and treatments may want to consider replacement if the stains are affecting the overall appearance of the home.

5. It’s Time to Sell

Outdated flooring makes many buyers cross a home off their list. Conversely, research shows that hardwood floors tend to help homes sell more quickly and for more money, so it may be an investment worth making.

When the time comes to replace outdated or damaged flooring, homeowners should weigh all the options and consult a professional for advice based on the desired design and functionality.

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