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What You Need To Know About Bamboo Floors


Bamboo wood flooring is a go natural kind of wood and yet it is so versatile in so many ways. Bamboo flooring is not new on the scene as far as flooring options but its enhancements in performance and assorted appearances has certainly grown. The ability for bamboo to grow more rapidly than other varieties of wood floor resources makes it highly eco-friendly and sustainable, thus it is one the best choices for green flooring options in your home design.

Bamboo hardwood flooring has been traditionally used in Asian decor, so it matches with many oriental style designs. And it doesn’t stop there, you can also use it in a modern home design theme or any other design style that you prefer. The Bamboo striated option also adds just the right touch of sophistication and charm, while still providing the clean, linear lines of modernism.

The Structure of Bamboo

Yes, the bamboo flooring review is out and in agreement to its dazzling beauty and improved durability while showing up its rival – traditional hardwood.  The process to creating this fine bamboo flooring product starts with harvesting individual stalks. Stalks are then sliced into thin strips, bound with specialized adhesives, and finally milled into three different kinds of bamboo flooring; Horizontal, vertical and strand-woven.

The most durable type of bamboo floor, is by far strand-woven. This particular type of manufactured bamboo flooring scores nearly double in durability than most other wood species of flooring, and typically ranks around 3,000 on the Janka scale (which measures the actual resistance of wood to denting and wear). Placing it slightly more durable than even Red Mahogany or oak.

So, you are probably wondering what is strand-woven bamboo flooring?

Strand-woven bamboo flooring is made from the fibers of the bamboo stalk. Rather than cut the stalk into strips it is processed by softening and then pulling it apart to create the bamboo strands. The most popular bamboo used for this particular process is Moso, a favorite species of bamboo used in flooring material. Moso bamboo, grows to its full height of 80 feet and develops a diameter of 8 inches as it matures over the next five years. This rapid pace of regrowth keeps it a winner for the environment as a sustainable wood flooring resource, while also providing a strong flooring solution for spaces with high foot traffic.

Does Bamboo Come Finished Or Not?

Just like its counterpart hardwood flooring, you can find bamboo flooring available in various finishes from matte to glossy and finished either straight from the factory or onsite. The types of bamboo floor finishes range as well. You can choose to have your bamboo hardwood flooring in aluminum oxide coating, oil finish (which is like a wax-based product) or unfinished (to be finished once installed in your home).

A few things to keep in mind when selecting a bamboo floor finish.

The direct from the factory finish will be highly durable when selecting the correct product with a multi-layered coating. Just be aware that when touch-ups or refinishing is needed down the road it could require a more specialized flooring technician. Applying your own finish once installed in your house will make repairs easier to match but the finish does not have the longevity as the factory finishes. The same goes for selecting a glossier coating over a matte version. The glossy will always show more scratches and wear than a less reflecting surface.

Bamboo Styling From Traditional To Exotic

From a realistic look to a dynamic design … everything depends on what you can dream up! Bamboo flooring has its pros and cons but when complimenting a design it has no limit. Bamboo flooring can resemble practically any hardwood species you can think up, as well as mimic the style of flooring treatment you may desire. To help better illustrate our point here are a few bamboo design inspirations to help you decide:

Bamboo Flooring in Traditional HardwoodTaking It Back To Classic: If you are going traditional than why choose bamboo? Aside from the green nature of the product (it being highly sustainable), bamboo flooring cost is more affordable than hardwoods. This can make your overall remodel stay on budget as well as have that final look and feel you are seeking. All the while keeping that classic look of hardwood flooring to compliment your home. In the end providing you with both cost and product satisfaction.

Strand-Woven Zebra Bamboo Flooring

Stripes Are Exotic: Bamboo wood floors can also be the star of the room. You can find the most expressive choices of striped wood floor to give your room an exotic feel. The deep dark striped pattern paired next to the light blonde wood will showcase your flooring within any room you place it. Like a tiger’s stripes this option gives your room plenty of texture and can become a showstopper to anyone entering the space. Perfect for a tropical design or any room you want to bring in more interest.

Strand Woven Hand-Scraped Bamboo FlooringModern Masterpiece: If you are trying to achieve a modern and simplified design. Try selecting a deep dark and rich tone for your bamboo flooring. Match that up with a beige or lighter paint palette for the wall then use neutral tones for the furniture (soft taupe or smokey grays). The darker bamboo flooring will keep all the other elements grounded and add a nice contrast. Don’t forget to add an accent jewel color here and there to tie it all together!

Whatever you may be searching for in bamboo hardwood flooring, our Portland showroom has around 250 different types and styles to choose from, in assorted colors, sizes and finishes. And again don’t get concerned with the bamboo flooring cost because in many cases this product will keep your budget lower than if you choose a different species of hardwood. Plus if your flooring costs are the biggest concern, you can always look at our bamboo laminate flooring samples to get the same look at a lower price. Overall the most difficult challenge you will have when selecting bamboo as your flooring will be which one to pick from the countless options!

*Written by Jeff Rankin and the staff from Simple Floors

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