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What Is The Best Flooring For Resale Value

We are looking at what are the best flooring options to increase your resale value for your Hilton Head Island home.

This is actually a very common question we get . Homeowners want to know what flooring is best to increase their resale value. maybe your putting your home on the market, maybe it’s a plan down the road. Either way, we have the flooring advice you need when it comes to increasing your homes resale value.

The floor is one of the biggest and most noticeable surfaces in your home, so the flooring material you choose can have a surprising impact on your home’s value. There are a million different types of flooring available on the market. When you’re selecting the flooring for your home, you’ll have your choice of many different colors, textures and maintenance needs.

Home buyers love high-quality, durable flooring. The better the flooring, the more your home will be worth. As you move forward with the selection process, we encourage you to explore all the options. The best material for your home is one that will meet the needs of your household, stand the test of time, and continue to look its best when you decide to sell your house.

Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood is made from lumber that has been milled to a desired thickness and width. When hardwood gets worn down, it can be refinished – meaning it can be smoothed to eliminate scratches, and then stained to a new color. Your floors are reborn with every refinishing. Hardwood floors that are properly maintained can last for decades, or even centuries.

Real estate professionals estimate that homeowners can recover over 80% of the cost of hardwood installation – especially if the wood is good quality and installed properly.

Every hardwood plank has its own unique grain pattern, and some types of wood accept stain better than others. To choose the species of hardwood that you like best, visit a flooring showroom. It’s best to see the types of hardwood in person before making your final selection.


With a 20% – 40% ROI (return on investment), carpeting is less valuable to home buyers than hardwood. There are many reasons for this. Carpet’s service life is dramatically less than hardwood flooring, and even with regular cleaning, carpeting may still show stains. Even so, carpeting has some benefits that home buyers like, as long as it’s freshly installed and good quality.

  • Warm and comfortable – Carpeting has warmth and softness that makes homes feel comfortable, especially in rooms like the bedroom.
  • Soft landing – Families with small children and seniors with coordination or balance problems often look on carpeting fondly, because it provides a soft landing in a fall.
  • Quiet – Carpeting masks the sound of footfalls at home, which contributes to a quieter, more peaceful environment overall.

Homeowners on a budget usually like carpet because it’s less expensive than other higher end types of flooring. If you’re planning to sell your home soon, stick to neutral colors that are easy to clean. Home buyers like low-maintenance flooring types. Avoid purchasing white or cream colored carpeting, as well as carpeting with bright or vibrant colors.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring looks a lot like hardwood. Overall, laminate has a slightly lower ROI than hardwood. However, in an affordable mid-range home, good laminate adds value and sophistication that can make your home easier to sell.

The newest and best quality laminate floors can be hard to distinguish from hardwood floors. Mid-range to high-end options with realistic textures and grain patterns often generate the best response from home buyers. Laminate is beautiful but easy to care for, because it’s scratch resistant and highly durable. Unlike hardwood floors, which must be protected from kitchen chairs, dog claws, kids’ toys, and pump shoes, laminate floors are as durable as they come.

This makes laminate flooring the material of choice for parents of small children and pet owners. If you’re hoping to improve your home’s property value and save money on flooring installation, laminate flooring is a fantastic option.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Like laminate, vinyl plank flooring is designed to look like hardwood. It differs from laminate because it’s easier to distinguish vinyl plank from hardwood, and it doesn’t quite deliver the high ROI of laminate. Still, vinyl plank flooring is high-performing and very durable. This makes it another material that appeals to young home buyers seeking a low-maintenance flooring option.

Vinyl plank flooring is easy to clean and resistant to scratches, chips and other blemishes that could mar its surface. Like laminate flooring, vinyl plank is a product preferred by homeowners with small children and pets who could potentially do damage.

Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic tile flooring delivers 70% ROI. Are you replacing your sheet vinyl flooring with ceramic tile? Then you’re probably going to see a nice jump in your home’s value! When selecting ceramic tile flooring, take care to install a product that is durable (chip-resistant) and slip resistant.

Slippery floors can raise concerns among home buyers hoping to age in place, while chips and cracks can raise red flags among younger home buyers. Inquire with your flooring supplier to identify the most durable and long-lasting types of ceramic tile.

It’s important to hire an installer who knows how to do the job right. Poor installation could potentially devalue your home by marring your beautiful kitchen or bathroom floors.

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