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Five Reason To Use Hardwood Floors In Your House

When choosing a floor, most people choose hardwood floors and for many good reasons. Hardwood floors not only add a rich variety of color and texture to a space, they also provide many perks that will make your style of living easier.


First and foremost, wood floors add value to a home. By having hardwood floors you are not only increasing your value of living, but the price of your house as well. Today, wood floors are he most sought after hard surface flooring in terms of remodeling and construction. Buyers are looking for homes with hardwood flooring, so if you have wood floors, it could be a selling point!


Hardwood floors are a good investment because they are both fashionable and easy to maintain! This is possibly the best benefit of having hardwood floors in your home. Wood floor hardly require anything more that routine sweeping and vacuuming. There is no need to worry about stains or odd odors with hardwood floors like you would with carpets. The only thing a homeowner should be cautious of is moisture and scratches. Cleaning hardwood floors is easy, but you don’t want any water to warp the wood or moving furniture to tarnish it. Have floor protectors on your furniture and clean up any moisture as soon as possible to avoid problems. Otherwise, wood floors only require a sweep every now and again to keep your home looking beautiful!


Hardwood floors are also beneficial for a living space because they are environmentally friendly. Right now, going green is very in, so why not help the earth by putting in hardwood floor! Wood is a natural resource that is sustainable, and therefore, helpful. Today the wood that is used in home renovation is from forests specifically created for the purpose of supplying building companies. This type of wood is meant to be used as a continued resource in the future. The U.S. Forest Services data has shown that there is more standing hardwood timber than 50 years ago.


Another benefit of having hardwood floors in your home is improved indoor air quality. Wood floors have proven to be healthier choice for surface flooring. The Environmental Protection Agency stated that the air quality of our homes is a serious issue regarding our health. Hard surfaces avoid issues such as harboring dust or germs making the air safer to breathe. It also does not retain sprayed chemicals or toxins like a carpet floor would. This is very beneficial because these artificial substances can pose as a serious threat to your health and can even be responsible for making people in a home chronically ill. If you don’t like to vacuum, carpet is a magnet for allergens like dust mites, pet dander, mold etc.


Lastly, hardwood floors provide a lot of selection and variety! When choosing your hardwood floor, there is a wide array of color, size, shape, and style to choose from. With all of these options, there is bound to be a wood floor for you and your home!

*Thank you to CA Floor Design Inc for assistance with this article

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